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Electric Vehicle chargers

Explore the world of EV charging with AJ Brown Electrical Services, where our aim is to establish ourselves as a trusted name in the industry. We are committed to delivering top-quality products from reputable companies and ensuring their expert installation to the highest standards.

For those not familiar with EV charging, it involves supplying power to an electric vehicle’s battery, eliminating the need for traditional fuel sources like petrol or diesel. Most EVs come with a charger that plugs into a standard three-pin socket, but this slow charging method provides only around 2.5kw of power.

By installing a dedicated charger at your home or business, we can increase power delivery to around 7kw, significantly reducing recharge times. Properties with a three-phase electrical supply can opt for a 22kw charger, further accelerating the process. It’s important to note that the EV ultimately determines the amount of power it accepts to safeguard its batteries.

While the chargers mentioned above are AC chargers, our services also encompass service station chargers that may include both AC and DC options. DC chargers stand out, offering over 100kw of power and drastically reducing recharge times from hours to minutes, with the EV maintaining control over the charging process.

Our EV chargers can be tethered or untethered. Tethered units come with a built-in lead, eliminating the need to retrieve the charging cable from the EV each time. However, this may limit compatibility with different EV models. Untethered units provide flexibility, allowing users to use their own lead with a compatible charger.

Switching to an electric vehicle presents significant cost savings, especially with the ever-rising fuel prices. At AJ Brown Electrical Services, we make this transition seamless, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. Consider the convenience of charging at home, ensuring a full range every morning, addressing concerns about the perceived limitation of a 200-mile range. Join us in embracing the future of sustainable and efficient transportation.


Average install time – Domestic 1 day – Commercial – 1 – 2 Days

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